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Elo Skin Care by Eloquenza is 100% pure natural herbal and Organic products specialise in corrective skincare & skin lightening formulated to treat Hyperpigmentation, dark marks and uneven skin tones.
Our entire product range is genuine and purely herbal and organic from plant extracts and natural essential oil carefully researched to ensure each item is safe, effective and of the highest standard.

Our products does not contain Hydroquinone , steroids, or any bleaching chemical that damages the skin instead we use collections of plant extracts, pure herbal and organic products to create effective lightening cream to give our customers the desired results.

This is our most effective whitening and balancing body oil to correct any white patches, green veins and uneven skin tone as a result of pre use of any harsh chemical on skin .
This luxurious body oil works instantly on your skin and penetrate deeply on the skin epidermis layer to reveal instant smooth and shinning skin.

Do you have dark knuckles on your fingers and toes?
Are you uncomfortable showing your hands in public? Is your self confidence a bit down because of your dark knuckles & dark toes?
Sun damage, the environment, heredity, steroid bleaching creams, dehydrated, lack moisture, and even smoking can all contribute to the formation of these dark knuckle lines and old looking wrinkles on your hands.

Elo Skin Care corrective knuckle cleanser is a gentle non peeling effective dark knuckle repairing and skin rejuvenating cleanser that will restore youth giving collagen to your hands while gently whitening dead skin cells to penetrate the epidermis and repair damaged skin cells

Your skin will be soft, moisturized and glowing following the process. Avoidance of using any scrubs, harsh exfoliants, or harsh abrasive hand scrub treatments is very important. Apply a sunscreen daily. 
Direction Of Use
Apply on a cotton pad and clean the affected area
Shake well before use.
The Elite Glow Whitening Body wash is a luxurious shower gel formulated to enrich your bathing experience with whitening and youthful feeling. Your skin receives a perfect cleansing and generation of new skin cells. It will leave your skin with brighter complexion and also firm your skin, preventing sagging and stretch mark.
Direction of use
Apply to the entire body using hand or glove , wash up and rinse with water.

Ingredients; Lemon, honey, Soya milk, orange peel powder, coconut oil , Papaya

Elite glow 7 days magical lemon toner is designed to clean, exfoliate, and mattify oily and blemish-prone skin. The simple,3-product system targets issues specific to oily/combination skin with a blend of natural lemon extracts to effectively tackle sun burn, blackheads, pimples and reveal a youthful glowing smooth face within 7 days

Direction of Use

Apply to face with cotton pad or your finger tips 30 minutes or 40 minutes before shower. For best result use morning and Night.
Ingredients: Lemon, Tea tree, honey
The Honey Glow cucumber extract cleanser is from our beautiful honey glow range for caramel or dark skin.
This honey glow cucumber extract cleanser is a brightening and cleansing refreshing toner effectively cleanses to naturally brighten the skin . It is a non alcoholic facial solution that removes dirt and excess oil to help protect skin from pimples , blackheads, dark spot, blemishes. It smoothens your skin to give you a fresh base for your make up .Its not explosive on skin it has S.PF15which is able to control the excessive sun rays that heats the face directly .
Honey Glow cucumber extract cleanser brightening & refreshing leaves your skin clearer, fresher fairer ,and a younger looking skin .
Direction for Use
Moisten a piece of cotton wool with honey glow cucumber extract . apply on face and neck until its thoroughly clean , you can also use on both hands and legs .for best result use morning and night.
Ingredients: water, boric acid, Cucumber Extracts , menthol

The Elite glow herbal face wash is a soap-free, daily use face wash that cleanses and clarifies your skin of impurities, giving you a clear, radiant and even complexion. well-known for its complexion enhancing properties helps clear skin of spots and blemishes. Its also contain cucumber and licorice. while licorice regulate melanin synthesis restoring your skin’s natural fairness Cucumber soothes your skin.

Direction For Use
Wet onto face with finger tips and wash face thoroughly with Luke warm water.
Use morning and evening for visibly brighter, clearer and glowing skin.

Ingredients. Cucumber, Licorice

The Elite glow whitening body Soap is a luxury skin lightening herbal soap that is made from pure natural herbal recipe. It is made with natural traditional African black soap, honey, carrot, lemon, turmeric, coconut oil, lavender oil, almond oil and shear butter.
This is a deep exfoliating soap that instantly get rids of dead skin cell and gradually whitening the skin with continuous use.

Direction For Use;
Apply to the entire body using hand or glove , wash up and rinse with water.

honey, carrot, lemon, turmeric, coconut oil, lavender oil, almond oil, shear butter